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Writer's Block is a the WORST (and so is a lack of motivation...aka IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN)

Soooooo just like I have for the past three years (wowowow, it's so strange to realize I've been writing for so long even if I'm not the most consistent writer!), I'm opening this post for drabble requests!!

I'll basically accept all requests, but my drive to write anything YunJae is completely gone so...if that's your request, sorry :( but all other pairings (even JaeSu!!) are up for grabs and if you even want a different fandom (like Infinite or something) I'll give it a shot since I've written a couple fics (like for olymfics last year)

I have so many ideas for fics, but all of them are a little overwhelming with plot and are going to be a little long (honestly...everything but the MinSu one shot I have in mind could technically be a chaptered fic, but considering how my other two chaptered fics stand at the moment, I would rather write most if not all of them before posting OTL) SO I figured that just writing a few drabbles here and there will help jumpstart my motivation again ^^

Plus it's always nice to see what other people would love to see written~ So ask away and I'll try to deliver as best I can
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