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RoommateS 1/?

Pairing: Secret...for now
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Complete Ridiculousness
Summary: With time ticking down to army and JYJ still not allowed on variety shows, C-Jes decides to take matters into their own hands...and make their own.

A/N: Literally just the C-Jes Family version of SBS's Roommate. Basically going to be fluff and crack the entire time.

The Idea

“Are we really going to do this?”

“If they won’t let any of them on a variety show, we’ll just have to make our own. And it’s not like they have much time left.”

“Do you think they’ll be okay with it?”

“We’ll only do it for a month. Maybe two. That’ll give us enough footage to last a while plus it’ll be during their promotions as well as a good way to promote everyone else, like the musical and such. It’s really a win/win situation.”

A sigh. “Well, if you say so…”

The Invitation

It's 7am in the morning.

The cameraman and PD are standing outside, trying to figure out who should knock on the door in front of them.

“He knows we’re coming, right?” asks the cameraman, adjusting his slightly heavy camera on his shoulder.

“Uh...sure. Of course.” replies the somewhat nervous PD. “He totally does.”

They look at each other for a few seconds before their hands are out.

“Rock, paper, scissors-”

The PD sighs in relief as the cameraman cringes.

“Well, let’s get on with it. Our first shooting of RoommateS! Totally not a rip-off of Roommate!”

Shifting his camera one more time, the cameraman reaches out his free hand and knocks twice on the door.

There’s a muffled sounded behind the door before it opens and a half-awake Kim Junsu stands before them. His pink hair is sticking up in all directions and what looked like drool stains the top of his white shirt. He yawns, blinking his eyes a few times before notices the camera.



An hour later, the PD and cameraman are outside another door, but this time the PD knocks.

Song Jihyo peeks out the door a few minutes later, hair tied up in a bun, and glares at the camera.

“But I just finished Running Man three hours ago!”


It takes them over five tries to get Lee Jungjae to even open his door and then a call to the CEO of C-Jes to agree.


Yoochun shuts the door in their faces.

Seconds later, Yoohwan opens it back up with a grin.

“I’m gonna be on this show too, right?”


Gummy accepts her envelope with a smile.

“The place has a studio, right? Free to use?” She asks.

“Of course,” the PD answers. “Filled with any instrument you’ll need and mics and soundboards-”

“Great!” She says and shuts her door in their face.

They look at the door, then each other.

“She’s in, right?” asks the cameraman as they pack up to head to their next stop.

The PD shrugs and crosses her name off their list. Four more to go.


Seonah is the first to answer the door fully awake and dressed.

“I have rehearsals nearly all day though...Junsu too. Is that still okay?”

The moment she mentions Junsu, the cameraman watches the wheels begin to turn PD’s eyes and sighs.

“That’ll be more than fine.”


They arrive at the Kim’s house next, but Junho’s out on a run.

Mrs. Kim, however, drags them into the house under the lure of coffee and food. The various pictures and near shrines of Junsu through the years creep them out, but the coffee is nice.

“So…,” Mrs Kim starts with too-sweet of a smile. “You won’t be doing anything on this show to damage my son’s reputation, right? Junsu works so hard to be a good boy, I can’t have all that work be ruined for something as dumb as a reality show loveline.”

She smiles wider and the PD laughs nervously in return. The cameraman focuses on his coffee cup.

The door opens and Junho comes rushing in with two huge dogs, all sweaty from his run.

“Can I move in today?!”


Jinhyuk answers his door unshaved and in glasses.

“You guys actually know who I am?”


“Okay, last one.” The PDs sighs, crossing off Jinhyuk from their list.

After nearly seven hours of filming, maybe a little crying, and driving all around Seoul, they finally reached their last place.

Jaejoong opens the door the moment they get there, arms crossed and all made up from head to toe. He glares at them and the cameraman thinks that he’s actually scarier than Mrs. Kim.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?! Nearly everyone called me after you arrived to their places.” Jaejoong huffs and flips his hair. Then fixes it back to the way it was.

“Well, that’s because you’re the last one, Jaejoong-sshi.” The PD responds, slightly shaking and about to have a breakdown after the long day.

“ Like the big final reveal?!” This piece of information brightens Jaejoong’s face instantly and the cameraman steps back as his focus is turned to him. “You, delete all the footage until now. I take it all back. Let’s reshoot everything.”

Jaejoong slams the door in their faces. “WHENEVER YOU’RE READY!” He screams through the door and the PD actually does cry a little.

“Just think of the money.” The cameraman tells him, patting his shoulder. “Think of the money.”

Episode 2

This is literally just going to be a really fun write, I think.

I know I have so many things to finish but...I just don't have the inspiration and would rather not force anything. So hopefully this will bring more inspiration and motivation or just simply be a very fun write. We'll see~ ^^ ♥
Tags: chaptered, fic: jyj, genre: crack, genre: fluff, genre: humor, pairings: various
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