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RoommateS 2/?

Pairing: Secret...for now
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Complete Ridiculousness
Summary: With time ticking down to army and JYJ still not allowed on variety shows, C-Jes decides to take matters into their own hands...and make their own.

A/N: Literally just the C-Jes Family version of SBS's Roommate. Basically going to be fluff and crack the entire time.

A/N #2: For those that don't know Lee Jungjae's 'Good Looking' dance, look here!

The Letter

Dear Future Roommates!

Thank you for accepting this once in a lifetime opportunity to become closer to your fellow C-Jes family members.

“Like I had a choice,” mutters Yoochun.

You’ll be living in the house for two months, so of course please be sure to pack accordingly as you won’t be able to get back to your own houses very often or at all during the recording.

“This is the dream vacation I’ve been waiting for since I left Japan last year,” comments Junho.

As expected though, there are a few rules for things that you’re allowed to bring into your new house. And the rules are as follows:

RULE 1: Each member is allowed one pet in the house, if they so choose to bring them. And one means one, Mr. Kim Junsu. We’ll have to take the others if you try to sneak more in.

“But how am I supposed to choose just one!?” Junsu complains.

RULE 2: The rooms we’ve set up are as follows: One room with three beds, three rooms with two beds, and one room with one bed. Once you’ve chosen a room to sleep in, you’re not allowed to switch at any point during the two months.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t all sleep together in the living room, right?” asks Jaejoong.

And finally…

RULE 3: Have fun. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about each other that you might not know. We’re all family and it never hurts to get closer~!

“More like a great opportunity for all the blackmail in the world…” Jihyo comments and folds her letter. “When do we move in?”


The PD is grinning as he hugs the pile of signed contracts. Though Yoochun’s is a little ripped and almost unreadable, it’s still signed.

“We’re going to make so much money off of this show.” He sobs, wiping his eyes a bit. “It’ll be worth every stressful moment.”

“I feel like I should be recording this for later, so you remember.” says the cameraman.

The Packing Process

The day before move-in day comes faster than they expected.

The new cameramen are all spread out at each house or apartment, ready to film the preparations of each new roommate.

The PD sits in a van with his original cameraman on their way to Yoochun’s house. Since both Yoochun and Yoohwan live together, they think it’s best to take care of them themselves.

And by them, they really meant Yoochun.

They reach the house and Yoohwan opens the door with a wide grin and wink to the camera.

“About time you got here~ Come on in, Yoochun’s a mess.”

They walk into the house, slipping off their shoes and bowing at Mrs. Park before following Yoohwan to his hyung’s room. When he opens the door, the cameraman nearly drops his camera.

Clothes and shoes and papers are everywhere while Yoochun sits in the center, like he was a hurricane that caused the destruction of his room. Three huge suitcases sit open on his bed, empty of everything besides a black hello kitty hoodie.

“Um,” starts the cameraman, “Having...a little trouble packing?”

Yoochun sighs, curling up into a ball. “I’m living with Jaejoong...again. I can’t figure out which clothes I don’t care to ever see again in my life.”

In the background, Yoohwan laughs his ass off.


At the Kim’s house, the newbie cameraman and Mr. Kim stare quietly as Junho nearly packs his entire room.

“Are you sure that you’ll need all that for just two months?” Mr Kim questions as Junho pushes a fourth baseball bat into his bat bag.

“Huh, two months?” Junho looks up, confused, but quickly recovers. “Oh, well, it’s still summer time and you said that we have a big backyard right?” He looks at the cameraman, smiling until he nods. “We’ll need more than one bat so we can have a family baseball game. It totally makes sense, don’t worry.”

When Junho starts to pack his entire closet, the cameraman has to stop and change tapes.


“There’s a practice piano, right?” Seonah asks as she carefully packs her music sheets for Dracula. “Junsu and I will need it for extra practice.”

“Of course, everything and anything music related will be there for you.” The junior PD accompanying her cameraman replies. “It’ll be a great way to promote the musical and the chemistry between you and Junsu to the general public!”

Seonah looks up as she’s packing a swimsuit, smiling like she has something to say, but shakes her head instead. “If you say so~ Though I wouldn’t mind just having some fun musical nights with everyone either~”


Jihyo’s done packing in record timing.

“I’m used to packing for Running Man trips now, so it only took a little longer than usual.” She shrugs. Feeling bad for the cameraman that came all by himself, she cooks a small meal for the both of them to eat up a little more camera time.

“It’s just weird...everyone knows that I’m not single but…,” She smiles, leaning close into the camera to whisper. “What they don’t know is that I’m the main spy of the house. It’s going to be so much fun.”


“So, I’m the oldest one in the house?” Lee Jungjae asks, still sitting on his couch frowning.

“Um, yes...that’s right.” The other junior PD replies, nervous dealing with such a big star so early in her career. “The writers and PD thought you would make a perfect mat hyung or oppa, one that everyone can look up to and talk to. T-to prove to everyone that you’re very approachable and fun like your CFs with Jeon Jihyun.”

Jungjae stares at them, unmoving.

The junior PD pales. “Y-you know, like your ‘Good Looking’ dance CFs for SK Telecom…” She does the little arm movement herself with a shaky smile.

Silence stretches between them and the cameraman almost loses the grip on his camera.

A few minutes later-

“Fine, when is the move-in date again?”


Junsu’s cameraman turns out to have a cat allergy.

They emergency call the PD to have make a switch. When the new (non-allergic) cameraman knocks on his door, Junsu answers holding all three of his cats and frowning so hard.

“One! Just ONE! How am I supposed to choose?”

Panicking, the cameraman puts down his camera, unsure of what to do to make him stop frowning. The PD told him specifically Junsu was not allowed to frown unless his members were the ones making him frown. It was one of their rules.

“Um...just...pick?” The cameraman answers oh-so-helpfully.

It’s not until hours, and more than a few cat scratches, later that the cameraman is finally able to leave.


Jinhyuk is all smiles and treats his cameraman super kindly through his packing process.

“I still can’t believe you actually know who I am.” He says for the fifth time as he orders them fried chicken and beer. “This is awesome.”


Gummy’s busy preparing for her upcoming concert, so her filming segment is very short.

They film her packing some clothes and various things before she’s being pulled out of her apartment by her manager.

“I promise to film more on move-in day!!” She says as her manager whispers something at her. “Oh...well...Maybe not move-in day, but the next day! Promise~!”

She leaves with a wink and a kiss to the camera and the cameraman knows the PD won’t care too much.


Jaejoong is once again the last stop, and the main PD and original cameraman are the ones to film him as well. After what they saw with Yoochun...well, the PD decided that they were going to Jaejoong’s as well.

They actually get to knock on the door this time and Jaejoong answers with his hair clipped back and Hiro in his arms.

And maybe a little eyeliner, but the PD isn’t sure.

“Welcome! I’ve only just started packing!” He lets them into his huge apartment and to his bedroom, where there are only two medium sized suitcases opened up.

“This is all that you’re planning on bringing?” The PD asks as one suitcase is packed with dog treats and clothes. Obviously, Hiro is coming along for the two months.

Jaejoong nods, humming to himself as he opens a closet packed to the brim with Moldir gear. He tosses in some belts, clutches, t-shirts, hoodies, socks, and after a quick pause, a few pairs of gold boxer briefs with MOLDIR stitched across the ass.

“You know that this is for two months, right, Jaejoong-sshi?” The PD asks again, not wanting one of their most popular roommates to be naked by the second week. Wait, no...on second thought he likes that idea. The future ratings bring tears to his eyes.

“Well, there’s a washer and dryer there, right? So I can always wash things.” Jaejoong says, staring at his drawer of sunglasses before dumping the whole thing in the suitcase. “Besides, Yoochunnie is gonna be there too, so I don’t even have to worry about clothes.”

He grins right into the camera, causing the cameraman to accidentally back into a fan painting on the wall.

As Jaejoong disappears into the bathroom, the cameraman turns to the PD.

“Yoochun-sshi’s distress makes sense now.” He comments, shifting his camera.

“Ratings,” replies the PD, eyes sparkling. “Ratings.

The next chapter is Moving-In Day. Should be fun to see how they all react ;) ♥
Episode 1
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