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RoommateS 3/?

Pairing: Secret...for now
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Complete Ridiculousness
Summary: With time ticking down to army and JYJ still not allowed on variety shows, C-Jes decides to take matters into their own hands...and make their own.

A/N: Literally just the C-Jes Family version of SBS's Roommate. Basically going to be fluff and crack the entire time.

They all receive a message the night before move-in day.

The first person to the house will get a special privilege for their room. So unless you’d like to try your luck, be the first one at the house by 9am!

The PD grins at his assistant, approving the message and sends everyone home for the night.

“Tomorrow’s the big day! Get all the rest and prepare for the start of RoommateS!”

The Move-In

PD gets to the house around five in the morning, ready to double check all the mics and cameras… but is surprised to see a car already in the rather large garage they had added to the house.

He looks at his favorite cameraman and they both frown. Had the fans found out already?

They park their van as far as they can and carefully approach the white car...and are in shock when they see a familiar license plate. There’s a hooded figure slumped against the driver’s seat of the white bentley and a sleeping golden retriever in the backseat.

At least, it was sleeping.

The combined sound of the van and their footsteps wake Haru up and he starts barking happily at the sight of other people. They watch as the barks effectively wake Yoochun up and cause him to slam his face right into the steering wheel.

The PD cringes at the sudden loud honk.

“You filmed that all, right?”

The cameraman hits the stop button on his iphone. “Yep.”


By the time they settle Yoochun and Haru in the living room with some ice and painkillers, the doorbell rings.

The three of them stare at each other for a second and then look at the clock. 5:30am.

“I won, so I don’t have to answer that, right?” Yoochun asks around the ice pack covering his face.

But the cameraman and PD are already on their way to the door, waiting for the red light on the camera to blink on before opening it. Behind reveals staring contest between Jihyo, Jaejoong, and Junsu.

I’m the first, dongsaengs.”

“I don’t think so, Noona

“I parked my car out front before both of you!! Leo just wouldn’t get in the carrier!”

Leo yowls from the carrier Junsu’s holding and Hiro growls in Jaejoong’s arms. Jihyo just rolls her eyes and flips her hair in Jaejoong’s face as she turns to smile and greet the camera.

“W-welcome to your new home!” The PD calls out to draw their attention. “You’re actually the second, third, and fourth to arrive!”

The three blink at the camera until Haru pushes through the legs of the cameraman to bark at Hiro.

Leo hisses.

The PD pales as the three of them simultaneously glare at him behind the camera.



Everyone joins Yoochun in the living room, the rest of the house blocked off until everyone was there.

“We’ll be choosing rooms when everyone is here.” The PD tells them, pointing to the white board with a map of the house on it. “Though technically, Ms. Song already has her room. The ladies will be rooming in the room for three which is actually half of the second floor.” He circles the spot on the map.

“Excellent.” Jihyo replies, leaning back into the loveseat with Hiro on her lap.

“As for the rest of you-” The PD is cut off by the doorbell. He sends the Junior PD and another cameraman to greet the next roommate. “I guess I’ll just wait for our next roommate…”

Junho walks through the doorway dragging two huge suitcases, a backpack, a bat bag, and a cat carrier. Junsu rushes up from his spot on the couch to grab the cat carrier and Yoochun raises an swollen eyebrow.

“Thanks, hyung. I knew I could trust you.” Junsu tells Junho with a quick hug, careful of the soft carrier.

“No problem. Now, what you promised…?” Junho replies, holding out his now empty hand.

Junsu pouts, but digs in his back pocket and shoves his car keys into his hand.

The taller twin swings the keys on his fingers and takes a seat next to Jaejoong with a smile.


“Do we even need scriptwriters?” One of the junior PD whispers after Seonah and Gummy arrive together.

The PD shakes his head as Seonah greets each of the boys with a teasing kiss to the cheek.

“Nope. Not at all.”


Yoohwan and Jinhyuk arrive together at 9am and the nine of them sit in the living room waiting for the last member of the house to arrive. The living room is packed with suitcases, cameras, and other staff members, but the actual roommates chat comfortably with each other.

Seonah and Junsu review blocking notes for Dracula as Tigger lays on Junsu’s lap. Yoochun has Jinhyuk in a headlock, grinning as Yoohwan holds back Jinhyuk’s arms from fighting back.

They miss Jaejoong’s glare toward them as he carefully fixes the velcro on Hiro’s Moldir hoodie. Soon enough, he’s pulling out his phone and texting someone.

Jihyo and Junho, however, are seated slightly away and smirking at each other. Taking everything in.

“This is gonna be a fun couple months, Noona. You know?”

Jihyo pats his cheek. “Oh, I know.”


Jungjae finally arrives at 10am with a suitcase and a face like someone told him that he wasn’t good looking.

Everyone immediately stands up and greets him, moving everything to let him have a nice seat on the main couch.




His mood seems to lighten a bit at everyone’s smiles and the staff lets out a huge sigh of relief. But then Jungjae’s eyes catch a glimpse of the house map and he points over to it.

“So I’m getting the single master bedroom right?” He asks, crossing his legs and leaning back.

Next to him, Yoochun twitches and the roommates look over at the PD.

“Uh...Well...That is…” The PD laughs nervously, avoiding the growing murderous look on Yoochun’s face.

“You are the eldest of the house so...I don’t see...why you wouldn’t.”

Jungjae smiles. “Great.”

Yoochun’s icepack breaks under the pressure of his hand and the junior PD flees into the kitchen.

On the floor, Jaejoong leans back against Yoochun’s legs with a more than pleased look on his face.


They quickly change the tapes as Yoochun excuses himself to change his clothes and by 11am, everyone’s attention is back on the huge map of the house.

“So.” The PD starts, “Welcome to your new home for the next two months! Before we get to the official tour, we have some room assignment business to do.”

Yoochun snorts, crossing his arms.

“Since Yoochun-sshi was the first one here, he has the privilege of picking his room-”

“But that room is no longer a choice.” Yoochun cuts in...and then quickly corrects himself as Jungjae raises an eyebrow at him. “Not that I mind, Sunbaenim. Really. Not that much.”

The PD takes a deep breath and the cameraman pats his shoulder.

“Yoochun-sshi has the privilege of picking his room…” The PD repeats. “AND he has the privilege of assigning the others to their rooms.”

That catches everyone’s attention.

“Wait, what.” Says Jaejoong.

“Uh-oh.” Yoohwan mutters.

“Oh dear...How fun.” finishes Jihyo before multiple voices rise and try to change the PD’s mind.


Their complaints are for nothing though, because the PD doesn’t back down. The look in Yoochun’s eye before he broke the ice pack had scared him enough.

Yoochun spends a good half hour in front of the whiteboard chewing on a marker cap. He changes his own roommate twice.

First it was Junsu, but then he knew that would be a bad idea because Junsu was too easily bought out. Second was Junho, but that wasn’t good either because that meant that Jaejoong would have easier access to Junsu and Yoohwan and that was bad news. Better to keep those two separated from Jaejoong.

He glances back and stares at Jinhyuk dozing off on the arm of the couch, the small hedgehog he brought with him curled up in his palm.



Jaejoong is fuming as the PD reads out the room assignments. So much, that Hiro jumps off his lap to go flop behind Haru.

“So the double room assignments are as follows: Yoochun-sshi and Jinhyuk-sshi, Junsu-sshi and Yoohwan-sshi, and finally Junho-sshi and Jaejoong-sshi. Yoochun-sshi and Jinhyuk-sshi will be in the room on the second floor while the other two rooms are here on the first floor.”

The PD turns away from the whiteboard. “Questions?”

Jaejoong’s hand rockets into the air, as well as Yoochun’s.

“Will there be any chance to change the room assignments? Like anymore ‘special privileges’ of some sort?” Jaejoong asks, opposite hand gripping Yoochun’s ankle.

“Ah, there will be more special privileges, but these are your official rooms. No changing. Yoochun-sshi?”

“Just a quick question about our rooms...are we allowed to customize them as we want?”

The PD tilts his head and motions to the two junior PDs. They whisper for a second.

“I don’t see why not. So long as your roommate agrees, it’s fine by us.”

Yoochuns smiles happily at the response, but winces when Jaejoong’s grip tightens.

Seonah’s arm raises.

“Is there anything else to do or can we go unpack? Junsu and I have rehearsal in two hours so…”

Shaking his head, the PD signals for the staff to grab the cameras and clean up the tripods as each of the roommates start for their bags and animals.


“I’m excited to be rooming with you, hyung.” Jinhyuk says to Yoochun with a huge smile. He holds up his hedgehog. “Sonic here is too! He’s a great pet and quiet too. He won’t be a bother, I promise.”

Yoochun throws an arm over his shoulder. “I wasn’t worried about that in the first place. He’s really cute. Sonic, huh?”

A bit behind them, Jaejoong glares at the two.

“Hedgehogs are stupid. Dogs are better.” He continues to mubble and grab his bags, as well as Junsu’s arm, before walking to his room.

“Ah- hyung! Wrong twin…” Junsu tries to pull away while trying not to squish Leo in his arms. The cat already has four claws lodged in his chest.

Thankfully, Junho steps in and Jaejoong lets go, staring at the taller twin.

“Hm. We haven’t hung out as much but, you’re mine too.”

“Wait- what?”

But Junho doesn’t have time to fight as Jaejoong drags them to their room and shuts the door.

“Poor Junho...Doesn’t even know what he’s in for.” Says Yoohwan.

Everyone but Jungjae and Seonah nod their heads in agreement.

“But at least, it’ll be a fun time...right?” Junsu’s smile is a little too optimistic and Jihyo just laughs.

“Fun will be the least of our worries.”

Episode 2
Episode 4

The next chapter will be more of them settling down into their rooms and the first day or two! I'm going to try and update this once a week, maybe more if I have time, but I'll just be trying for once a week at first ^^ ♥
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