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RoommateS 4/?

Pairing: Secret...for now
Rating: PG for this chapter
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Complete Ridiculousness
Summary: With time ticking down to army and JYJ still not allowed on variety shows, C-Jes decides to take matters into their own hands...and make their own.

A/N: Literally just the C-Jes Family version of SBS's Roommate. Basically going to be fluff and crack the entire time.

The moment that the living room is clear of tripods and cables, the PD gets a call.

“Hello?....Ah..Ah! Hello sir!” He waves away the curious people and walks out into the hallway.

“Yes...Yes, sir. They all arrived, though Lee sshi arrived a little late.” A pause. “Yes. Yes, all the rooms are sorted. They’re in there now with the cameramen.”

There’s a loud door slam from the second floor and the PD winces. “Everything is under control! Don’t worry, sir! I’ve- Wait what? Redecorating? Right now?”

He raises and eyebrow and carefully walks to the front door. “The boxes should be there now? As in-” Opening the door, the PD drops his phone at the sight of six huge boxes on the doorstep. Luckily, one of the junior PD is eavesdropping behind him and, after catching the phone, carefully presses it back to the PD’s ear.

“I- Yes, sir. I see them, sir. We’ll get on it right away, sir. Without them knowing.”

The ”Settling” In

“You know, these rooms are kinda nice.” Junsu comments as he and Yoohwan enter their room. “It’s at least twice the size of the dorms we had bad in the day.”

“That’s nice.” Yoohwan responds, watching Junsu let go of his two cats and how they both claim a bed of their own. Leaving no bed for Yoohwan. “So about Leo and Tigger…”

Junsu ignores him and is somehow petting the two cats at the same time with a practiced sort of ease. Turning around, Yoohwan aims for the walk-in closet, staring at the ceiling in hopes of cursing his awful hyung for sticking him with the cat army.

“At least there’s enough space for a cot in here…”


Upstairs, a happy cameraman shoots the three ladies pulling their luggage into their new room.

The moment he goes to follow them, the door slams in his face. The other side giggles.

“What, did you really think we’d let you in here? You’re not SBS.” Laughs a voice that suspiciously sounds like Jihyo.

The cameraman frowns, turning around to go talk to the PD when he sees Yoochun, Jinhyuk, and their cameraman shaking their heads.

“You really should have expected that.” Says Yoochun.

“Our noonas deserve their privacy!” Comments Jinhyuk.

“Take this opportunity to rest and relax. Trust me.” The other cameraman finishes and flashes a thumbs up.

When the other three give him a look, he shrugs.

“What? When you’re a cameraman, you take every break you’re given.”


“So, this half of the closet is mine. Aaaand this half is yours.” Jaejoong declares and flashes Junho a smile. The cameraman has to pan out a bit to get it all in the frame.

“But- But that’s not even half of the closet, Hyung. It’s more like you have 90% and I only have 10%. You only have two small bags! I have all these clothes I need to hang up!” Junho points to the multiple dress bags that were carefully packed in his suitcase.

Only, his words turn Jaejoong’s smile into a frown.

“Are you trying to logic me, Kim Junho?”

“In front of the cameras, it’s Kim Mooyoung, Hyung!! My manager texted everyone to remind them!”

“Right. Mooyoung. Sorry, Junho-yah.”



Jinhyuk stands behind Yoochun, Sonic asleep on his shoulder.

“Is that really necessary, Hyung?”

Yoochun drills the last screw with a smile. “Of course it is.”

“But what if I forget the passcode? You know I’m bad with remembering things like lines…”

But Yoochun is only half listening.

Sighing, Jinhyuk reaches for his phone.

“What’s the code?” He asks as Yoochun starts programming the extremely unnecessary new heavy duty lock on their door.

After telling him the code, Jaejoong appears out of nowhere.

“Hey! I finished packing and wanted to see your room~” He has one foot in the door before Yoochun notices. “Also, Yoochun-ah, I was wondering if I could borrow- Hey. Hey, stop pushing me- YAH, PARK YOOCH-”

The door locks with a loud click and a few beeps. Jaejoong’s banging wakes up Sonic and Jinhyuk winces at a quill poking his neck.

Regardless, the door doesn’t open again and that leaves a smile on Yoochun’s face.

Jinhyuk decides to not even ask.


Everyone's unpacking at separate speeds, so the PD decides to call it a day for most of the staff. They can’t stay the whole day, every day, and besides, they’d already spent enough money on the multiple cameras installed in the common areas of the house.

He walks to every room and bids each of the roommates goodbye and good luck for their first night. Soon enough, the staff filters out, all on the way to a fancy BBQ joint to celebrate their first successful day with expensive meat and alcohol.

The house is mostly quiet, save for a few noises like a door closing or drawer closing.

But it doesn’t last that way for long.


Junsu discovers it first.

After unpacking his own belongings, he heads to the kitchen to grab some water for him and Yoohwan. With all the Dracula rehearsals, his throat’s a little more dry than usual, so he opens one of the kitchen cabinets looking for a bigger glass.

What he finds is a huge plastic tumbler with Yoochun all over it.

“What.” He says.


Next is Yoochun.

Feeling brave enough after installing the lock and unpacking everything, he goes downstairs with Haru, planning on snuggling on the couch with the tv for the rest of the day. The contract didn’t say he had to be entertaining and Yoochun plans to fully exploit that.

The couch is big and leather, something that Yoochun appreciates. He feels a little bad letting Haru jump up next to him, but the moment the dog settles behind his legs, he’s too comfy too care.

Groping around for a blanket or pillow to lean on, he thinks that maybe this whole thing won’t be too bad. They’re not doing any promotions for the album (not by choice), so having a nice house to have some down time in as well as the chance to spend time with the others might be fun.

The idea brings a soft smile to his face just as he grasps as blanket folded next to the coach. It feels soft and comfy. He pulls at it to bring it up, but Junsu’s voice makes him turn his head.

“Did you know about this?” Junsu asks, holding up some plastic tumbler.

Yoochun squints at it. It kind of looks familiar. “Know about what? What is it?”

Junsu throws the tumbler at him, barely missing Haru’s head. He certainly didn’t have Junho’s pitching skills. Turning the tumbler in his hands, Yoochun feels his face pale as the mini smiling versions of himself stare at him from the tumbler.

“Oh no.”

Turning back, he yanks the rest of the blanket up on the couch.

A heavily made-up Jaejoong smolders at him from the fleece.

“They’re kidding...Right?” He asks, ignoring the slight hysteria in his voice. “Right?”


A half hour later, Seonah comes downstairs to find Yoochun and Junsu near tears while sitting on the floor surrounded by multiple blankets, pillows, mugs, plates, candles, tumblers, umbrellas, bags, and other stuff she isn’t even sure of.

But the one thing she is sure of is that they all have one of JYJ’s face or half naked body on them. She looks at Haru, currently gnawing on the face of a Yoochun pillow and slowly starts to back away toward the stairs.

Two months,” She hears Junsu moan. “It’s bad enough when I visit home and am surrounded by myself!!”

Smartly, she doesn’t stick around to hear more. Instead, she tells the girls and quickly phones their director to cancel their practice. Really, the two of them should have thought of this before since it IS their first day in the house.

Once she hangs up, Seonah looks over at Jihyo and Gummy.

“Dips on the non-chewed up Yoochun body pillow.” She says with a grin.

“Only if you rip it from my hands.” Jihyo replies.

Episode 3
Episode 5

Hey sorry about the late update, caught a bad cold and then just got really busy and exhausted after it passed. We're almost out of the introductory part of this fic, so we'll be moving on to more fun and romance soon. Promise ^~ ♥
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