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Master List+Upcoming fics :3

Small at the moment, but hopefully bigger soon!


Carousel Waltz HoSu, pg, horror
The Carnival was a wonderful thing

Nobody Needs To Know(Except The Ones That Matter) Changmin-centric/OT5+HoMin, pg, angst
Everything was going Changmin's way, until he started receiving letters in the mail.

Meet Me At Midnight YooMin, pg, romance/fluff?
Yoochun and Changmin become midnight snacking partners

Paper Hearts (The "Lost and Found" Remix) HoMin, pg, romance, humor
Written for the 2010 remix challenge at kpop_ficmix
Yunho loses his journal and promptly freaks out

Warmth (The Ready or Not Remix) JaeMin, pg, romance
Written for the 2010 remix challenge at kpop_ficmix
Jaejoong's in love with the baby

Reigning Fire Slight YooSu, romance, war!fic
He often wondered what he was fighting for

This Christmas JaeSu, side YooSu, pg-13, angst, romance
Written for the hug______ Secret Santa 2010
Junsu loved Christmas. Jaejoong hated Christmas

Beautiful Nightmare JaeSu, YooSu, R, Angst, Romance, Black Swan-esque!AU
Written for the hug______ Secret Santa 2010
If there was one thing that Junsu constantly strived for, it would be perfection

Passionable YooSu, pg, Crack, Fluff, inspired by Junsu being in Tears of Heaven
A snap cracked throughout the room as Junsu broke his pencil in half in his hand. He was screwed.

Red Eye Love HoMin, pg, Fluff, Romance
Written for the homin_yongwonhi 2011 Valentine's exchange
Valentine's Day. One of Yunho's favorite days of the year.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Gen, g, crack, Zelda!AU
Stage 1

Fly Yoosu, HP!AU, pg
On my whistle!

Name JaeSu, Der Tod!Su, pg-13

Do You Only Want To Dance? YooMin, JaeMin, pg-13, Howl's Moving Castle meets Antique!AU
Written for the DBSK Big Bang 2011
In a world where magic is included in everyday life, Shim Changmin lives the simple life of a baker, that is, until a certain Park Yoochun comes into his life

SitXIAHation JYJ, Yoosu, pg-13, text!fic
10:32: Can't you ever be useful?????

(some dont really have names, so i'll just link the posts :x)

YooMin, HoSu, JaeChun

YooMin, HoSu, JaeChun, Gen, 0T5, JaeHo, MinSu

0T5, JaeHo, MinSu, YooMin

Gen, JaeHo, HoMin

fic meme drabbles
MinSu, JaeHo, JaeChun, YooSu,

Jae-centric, Jaechun

If I Loved You


Making a list so that I motivate myself to write everything x_x

1) Show Me How You Dance, chap 4-FINISH
2) gangs of seoul!JaeChun, space pirates!JaeChun, and more JaeChun
3) Click, Click, Boom (MinSu)
4) uhhhhhhhhhh THINGS
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